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Santa Ynez Valley
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  • 60 Acres
  • 12 Acres Planted
  • Winery - Equipment - Inventory
  • Santa Ynez, CA

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Santa Ynez Valley, California - Vineyard & Custom Home For Sale
  • Approx. 7 Acres
  • Sangiovese Vineyard
  • Large Custom Home
  • Santa Ynez Valley

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About Santa Ynez Valley

Interested in exploring the real estate of the Santa Ynez Valley?  Did you know that there are six communities which make up the area of Santa Ynez Valley?  Most visitors to Santa Ynez are on their search for either the many world-class wineries and tasting rooms or to visit the Danish-inspired city of Solvang or to try their luck at the Chumash Casino.  No matter what brings you to Santa Ynez, you can be sure to find each community friendly and comfortable with an old-world style.

Los Alamos has an old-time Western feel to the seven-block long main street offering an antique mall in a historic train depot, quaint shops, restaurants and parks.  Los Olivos offers a slice of upscale Americana with art galleries, an art museum, boutiques, more than a dozen wine tasting rooms, a world-class inn and a flagpole in the center of the town.  The turn-of-the 20th century village of Santa Ynez serves real cowboys at a historic saloon and old west history at the museum along with inns, restaurants and stores.
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Areas Within Santa Ynez Valley

Los Olivos
Santa Ynez
Los Alamos

Map of Santa Ynez Valley

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