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British Columbia, Canada
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11.56 Acres - Apple Orchard For Sale - Potential Vineyard - British Columbia Real Estate
  • 11.56 Acres
  • Apple Orchard
  • Vineyard Potential
  • Okanagan Falls, BC

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British Columbia Real Estate - Apple Orchard For Sale

Okanagan Valley, BC - Orchard and Land For Sale - Winery and Vineyard Potential
  • Great winery potential
  • Stellar views
  • 46+ Acres
  • South Okanagan Valley, BC

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Recently Sold Properties / Inactive Listings

  • 9 Acre Vineyard
  • New Winery Building
  • Full Line of Equipment
  • Oliver, BC

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  • 9+ Acre Vineyard
  • Excellent Location
  • New Winery Bldg.
  • Summerland, BC

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About British Columbia
Areas Within British Columbia

Okanagan Valley
Vancouver Island
Salt Spring Island

Similkameen Valley
Fraser River Valley



Map of British Columbia

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